Mini, Smart car, Audi, VW, Porsche, Infiniti service

  We service many makes and models here at XDealerTechs

Our customers with the most common vehicles we service (Mercedes,Lexus and BMW) asked us for a basic menu of service prices.

These are general service menus, and do not cover all service even for these vehicles.

We do service and repair many more makes of vehicles, including Minis, Smart cars, Audis, Volkswagens, Porsche, Infiniti, Volvo, Jaguar and more

It is hard to provide a service menu for all makes and models, but here are some universal service prices

Please call 240-512-0001 with any questions or for prices for your vehicle

Synthetic oil change:

$99 plus tax and fees (for most vehicles)

Porsche        $130 plus tax and fees

Audi/Volkswagen V8 or Diesel(TDI) $130.00 plus tax and fees

Subaru          $75.00 plus tax and fees

Smart cars    $75.00 plus taxes and fees

Air conditioning service:

$120 plus tax and fees (includes refrigerant and dye)

Brake flush:

$110 plus tax and fees (DOT 4)

Tire rotation:


Basic Warning Light Diagnostics:


  • includes retrieving diagnostic codes, inspecting computer data values and basic component actuation as necessary
  • does not include wiring diagnosis, component removal for inspection, or smoke testing for leaks

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