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  • yelp review Post author

    This is a new shop that is specializing in cars that others are afraid of, or that you cannot afford to care for out of warranty at the dealer. Their list is Mercedes, Lexus, Acura, and others. As the name implies they recently left dealerships and have started their own shop. The shop is recently remodeled and is very good sized. They seem to have a bid investment in the latest technology to get the work done right.

    I was directed to them by Mr. Tire who was afraid of touching my Mercedes for even the simplest of tasks…you know what I’m saying.

    Met the front guy and he took the car for a drive with me to see what was happening. They pulled it in to the rack while I waited to make a diagnosis. Bottomline, I did not pick up any distrust that these guys were not ready willing and able to help and to do so with full disclosure and honesty. Since they don’t have many years of operation under their belt, they seem to be more worried about paying their rent then killing me for their profit.

    Because of their new operations, up to date shop and knowledge base, I highly recommend you stop in to see what they can do for you. It may be a refreshing change of pace from what you normally have to go through with a high end car.

  • yelp review Post author

    Great, these guys saved me a lot of money from the dealer. They know their stuff and made the right recommendation right away.
    They were very professional and even offered to give me a ride since I had an emergency. The shop is spotless (cleaner than any shop I’ve seen). They took me in right away and performed the service within hours.
    If you have a luxury car (Lexus, Mercedes, Acura) take your car there and you will be in good hands. Your car will thank you.

  • google review Post author

    I am very happy with the repair to my old E320. The diagnosis was thorough and the determination was spot-on. There were a few things they could have ‘sold’ me, but they were not high-pressure or pushy. Jeff and Chris gave me a list of things I need to be aware of, and sent me on my way. The repair was done when they said it would be, and the price was very fair. I strongly recommend this place to anyone with a high-line vehicle who is tired of dealership games.

  • google review Post author

    I visited XDealerTechs for my car Lexus RX350(2008). My car had an issue with it’s theft alarm which was doing off/activating without any reason. It was happening 2-3 times a day. Lexus dealership of the area was asking for ~ $1600 for diagnosis of the problem. When I spoke to Jeff and Chris, they said they can take a look on this issue. Later Jeff found the issue with locking system of Rear Right side door of the car. He did something to fix the locking system(not replaced) of Rear Right side door. The theft alarm issue got fixed with that. It was a small fix for them and they didn’t even charge me anything for this. I like their honest approach to take fix the issues. If you have Lexus/Acura/German cars, I thing this is the place to get them repaired.I bid a permanent good bye to Lexus Dealership. Thanks Jeff and Chris.
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  • google review Post author

    On 7/1/13, I took my 2006 Acura RL to XDealerTechs for a front brake job- they were GREAT!!! My car was finished on-time as promised. XDealerTechs were VERY professional & did the same brake work for MUCH cheaper than the written quote I had just gotten at my local Acura dealer. My last brake job was done by the dealer, XDealerTechs even noticed that the dealer had installed one incorrect size brake pad retaining clip during that previous dealer visit. XDealerTechs got the correct part from Acura and installed it for no additional cost- IMPRESSIVE. Basically, I received BETTER than dealer quality and for much less than what the dealer would have charged. These guys know what they’re doing, they’ll do it right, and do it for a fair price- I HIGHLY recommend XDealerTechs.

  • google review Post author

    Cannot say enough good things about Chris and Jeff. The most reasonable and honest guys you can meet, its like going to your neighbor for help. I took my Mercedes into Chris for the annual service. He comes back with a list…broke it down into; I wouldn’t worry about it, you’ll need it done shortly, and you’re not leaving the shop. Of the things that needed fixed, Chris had already priced out the most reasonable parts.

    Chris has been extremely helpful in finding my next car. His knowledge on German cars is invaluable. During the pre-purchase inspection, he found things that the dealer missed.

  • Rodger Moran

    I’ve had the pleasure of Jeff and Chris doing my auto work since they first opened. I’ve sent my Wife and Step Son to them and am looking forward to seeing them again. Although I drive a domestic pick up truck, they took care of my problems quickly and affordably. I have never hesitated to refer my family and friends and will continue to do so.
    Keep up the good work guys!

  • Cy&S Williams

    Jeff and his staff are very knowledgeable professionals. I have been with Jeff for many years and the service is honest and exceptionally. All of my vehicles are service and I really appreciate Xdealer keeping them mechanically in shape. Compared to dealers of each vehicle, is just no comparison. Thank You, Jeff and staff for your continual support —- 5 stars rating